Helevalge OÜ

My name is Madli. If you look at the picture on the left you can see me between my mother and my sister.
I have been connected to art from a very early age. I went to Jõgeva art school and my mother is an artist. She has made different paintings, wallpaintings and interior designs.
I have admired and collected various designs as inspiration from the internet. I realised my mother and I have so much good ideas and we have to share them. I talked about the idea with my boyfriend Holar and he also saw potential in the idea.
That is how Helevalge was born.
We hope you enjoy our creation as much as we do!

We offer quick and personal service. All products are unique and made specially for you!

Helevalge OÜ

Phone +372 557 1112
E-mail info@helevalge.eu

Registry code: 12453764

Address: Uus 3-4, Palamuse, Jõgevamaa 49226 ESTONIA